What's my "Why"?

When I interviewed for my first ever job in sales one of the questions that I was asked was "sell me this pen".

Well, I'll be honest I was absolutely clueless.

I started mentioning that the pen is black, that it writes (yes I did say that), its great for taking notes, its small so it fits in a briefcase etc etc. Sounds quite cliche, no? Well the truth is that I had no idea that the most important thing was finding out why someone would actually need the pen.

I asked zero questions and proceeded with my spiel. I launched the #stayhuman podcast to bring the necessary skills to life. Skills that every salesperson needs to be successful. From empathy, questioning, meaning, language, mindset, tips and techniques.

We explore each of those with the guests on the show. The advice that I would give my 20' year old self back in the day- don't assume and always listen first.

Tune in every Monday for a brand new episode.

I hope that listening to the podcast is an enjoyable for you as it is for me recording it.

#abundance #mindset #sales #success

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