Living in a time of unprecedented change

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

March 2020, yes, its a very scary time indeed. This is nothing like my generation has experienced before. When I look at the markets crashing, the number or reported deaths, the grim outlook on the world economy I try to remind myself of one thing:

My grandmother, who is still alive today, lived through World War II. When there was mass murder happening in the south of Poland she spent the first few years of her life hiding out in the forest with her family, every single day... for nearly a year. She was in a labour camp when she was 6 years old, picking cabbage. Her breakfast was dry bread soaked in warm water with 1 cup of black coffee. When the war was over she continued her education and made up 3 years worth of material in one year to catch up on her schooling. She lost her brother in the war and another brother to measles when he was just 2 years old.

So when I call her on the phone and ask her how she is doing- she tells me she is fine.

This too will pass and things will be O.K. When the anxiety kicks in, I remember her story and remind myself that people have lived through a lot and while this is unprecedented we will get through this...

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