Embracing the Female Energy in Sales

Embrace your female energy in sales.

Historically sales has been a male dominated game, however, this has changed. As consumers become more savvy, equipped with the knowledge and information they need, they look for someone who is willing to listen and provide meaning.

Sales is not just about closing the deal and making a profit. It’s a journey that requires incredible communication and relationship-building skills. It’s a mindset that allows you to listen, thoughtfully consider, and respond to prospects to connect them to the solutions they need.

Women are equipped with the innate skills that make us empathetic & caring and we should embrace these energies in our sales journey.

On a whole, we tend to be more empathetic than men. Being kind and caring is not a weakness. We have the potential to outperform our male counterparts when we leverage all of the opportunities that are available to us.

Recent studies show that women consistently outperform men in emotional intelligence and soft skills. This leads to more effective leadership and superior business performance.

Women are 45% more likely than men to be seen as demonstrating empathy consistently.

Being successful in sales is about finding the balance between the two energies and making them work for you and your potential customers.

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