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I am an experienced Training Consultant with a 10-year history of working in the Financial Services Industry. I achieved outstanding success in sales and closing new business as well as assisting clients to see the value in SaaS solutions.

I am the host of the #stayhuman podcast available on all major platforms. The podcast was created with the purpose of demystifying sales and what it means to be a "great" salesperson.  On a weekly basis, together with a special guests; authors, coaches & sales consultants, we look at the necessary skills needed to be successful in today's ever changing sales environment.


I am passionate about delivering great sales training's both in-person and remotely tailored specifically to your business needs. Whether you are just launching your business, running a start-up or need clarity on your existing training program I can help you drive the change so you can see the results. 



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Having a solid sales training program is key to ensuring the survival and success of your business.